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2018 Mid-Year Check-in!

Hello Maestros! I am Miss M - your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist with your July/Mid-Year 2018 Numerology check-in!

How are you doing so far in this "11" Universal Year? Excited, scared, motivated, tired, hopeful, confused, dreamy, empowered...? Excellent - you're doing great! You're doing great because you are still in the game and whatever is good you can make better and whatever is wampy you can transform. This is the true power of the "11" Universal Year Master Number Vibration.

It's especially important to do a check-in right now during this July "9" Universal Month Vibration because the 9 heats everything up so it can pop - and you want to pop on the side of happy progress as opposed to confusion and despair. The good news is that if your cooker is taking a downturn you can arrest it - or really, see-through it, so you can transform whatever you think isn't The 11 is the number of magic, charisma, inspiration, deception, and intuitive vision, and the 9 is the number of transformation, rebellion, revolution, compassion, and Enlightenment. So whatever you have going on in the 9 is ready to be transformed and the 11 gives you the magic to do it.

The key is to get past emotionality and keep going. The 9's power often creates a lot of charge on emotions which can cloud our vision. If some situation is not working out the way we think it should and we are punching walls, we can't open our selves up to The Force/Infinite for the ultimate mastermind brainstorming session. With the 9 also, as in its 2 components of Enlightenment & Compassion, we must set aside our ego which carries the drama.

So how do we get past the emotionality and set aside our ego when we feel we are backed against a wall? There are lots of tools to accomplish this and two of the most powerful are meditation and prayer. A simple 3 minute mindfulness meditation where you: sit up straight in a chair, feet on the floor, palms on your thighs, and take stock of your inner and outer being - will do wonders for anxiety, old angers, hurts, and unexplained fatigue. You go from your toes to the top of your head and acknowledge the inner energy and the inner/outer physical being. Prayer is very personal of course but if you don't know where to start you can do the mindfulness meditation for 3 minutes first and then say to The Force, G-d, The Holy Spirit, Jesus, Angels, etc. whatever comes from your heart in that moment. There may not even be words. Keep going - these tools are simple yet incredibly powerful and will allow you to brainstorm with the The Force/Infinite so you can see the Truth.

As a Psychic Numerologist I help you shift during and following a reading so you can move forward and gain the graceful advantage. It's really all about remembering your true power - that's what numbers do. If you are confused, stuck, and looking for answers, contact me - I would love to help you on your path to success!

Until next time I am Miss M, your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist- take care!

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