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Welcome To May’s Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, & The Numerology Of It All

The powerful, passionate, and rare, 'Flower Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse is an excellent time to get a Gen EFT Healing/Clearing Session, Moonshifting, and/or Psychic Numerology Reading!! Click here to take advantage of this time of power, passion, and potential and **move forward** with a Gen EFT Healing/Clearing Session, Moonshifting, and/or reading!

Welcome To May’s Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, & The Numerology Of It All — Or How To Make This Time Work For You!

Harness The Power!

Welcome to May’s Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse! The Flower Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 is also May’s Full Moon! May’s Full Moon is called a Flower Moon because of North America’s flower blooms around that time. Expect changes, revelations, intense energies, and a sense that you are crossing a threshold into a new world…

How Will You Be Affected?

In this 6 Universal Year Vibration and 2 Universal Month Vibration, the intensity will center around career and relationships. Do what you can to stay in a high vibration, focused on what you want and the light power of The Force. The energies will press in and expand out and you may feel like you need to hold onto something — like a strong rooted tree.

When is May’s Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse?

May’s Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse will occur on Monday, May 16, 2022, at 12:14 AM EST. When the Earth moves in perfect alignment between the Sun and Moon, we have a lunar eclipse. Eclipses push us towards our potential and destiny, collapsing time. With eclipses, sometimes we lurch forward when we wanted to take baby steps. The rulers of this eclipse, Venus and Mars, give us the opportunity for understanding and healing, even with, perhaps, an aggressive momentum.

The Numerology of The Eclipse, May’s Mercury Retrograde & How To Make This Time Work For You!

May 2022 is a 2 Universal Month Vibration in a 6 Universal Year Vibration. The Eclipse is intense enough but we entered Mercury Retrograde on May 10th, and that is adding some funhouse mirrors to situations in relationships, including family relationships, and career. Ironically, because of Mercury Retrograde plus the Full Moon Eclipse, the opportunities for manifesting are excellent. It is very important to be intentional, however, because this Eclipse is like a portal, occurring on 5/15 or 5/16 depending upon where you are in the world. You will be moving forward into a new world, and you want to put your energy towards the world, the dimension, you want to inhabit. Because emotions are heightened, be careful to stay on the light side of The Force so you maintain as much clarity as possible. Do whatever you can to stay high vibe during this time. Commit to doing this for 3 days following the Eclipse so if it’s not really a habit, staying high vibe won’t seem overwhelming.

How Do You Stay High Vibe During All This Intensity?

We all have things that make us feel good/better. That could be working out, chanting, prayer, focusing on a creative project, talking to a trusted friend(about uplifting things). This is not about avoiding emotions, it’s about transmuting the energy of emotional intensity into higher vibrations so we gain momentum and are better able to manifest our desires. This is not pie in the sky and, regardless, even a few days of concerted effort of staying in a higher vibration will inspire you. You want to acknowledge the tumult you may feel but not *stay* there. When things get into a pitch though, unless you are vigilant, it can be too easy to allow emotions to run your life.

To find out more about how May’s Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse will personally affect you, and how to make the most of this intense and powerful time, click here to contact Miss M for a reading!


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