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September 2018 - The Pivot Point

Hello Maestros! I am Miss M - your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist with your September 2018 Numerology check-in!

This month of September 2018 is an"11/2" Universal Month and that means we are at The Pivot Point of the year. How can this be Miss M - it's September - isn't the year a bit long in the tooth for a Pivot Point? Non, non, et non! A Pivot Point is not a half-way point but rather a time when the energies can go forward or back, where the attitudes can improve or be subsumed by defeat. Well - guess what - we are on the Up and Up - especially if you are reading this blog because awareness is manifestation.

The 11 looks like a bridge when positioned horizontally or if you are viewing the 11 from above. This is instructive as the bridge is a connection to what's beyond the Earthly Veil - where everything manifests as energy before hardening into physical reality. At this juncture then, of September 2018, we will be very sensitive to powerful energies that are non-physical - and we need to acknowledge this sensitivity. If we stay aware we can be particularly proactive and "pivot" so we can get ahead of any negative energies that may manifest as negative experiences we would rather avoid. Because the 11 means intensity - the energies of this month can really lift us up or pull us under...

Life is for living to be sure and of course you want to flow with situations as opposed to walking on a hair trigger - always watching and waiting for ...what? The awareness and sensitivity this month is not a paranoid awareness - it is actually acknowledging and integrating our heightened intuition and doing what we are guided to do for the best possible outcome. Of course regular meditation can assist with this awareness and integration and will assist you in many ways going forward - greater intuition, more energy, increased happiness, and less reactivity - which brings us to the next Pivot Point...

The 11 vibration can be like a funhouse mirror where emotions, situations, and relationships are not necessarily what they seem. There is a tendency in an 11 month vibration to react to perceived slights and blow things out of proportion - another reason to listen to our intuitive guidance before reacting. And if that guidance gets a bit skewed and says raise Holy H - take a deep breath and step away. The 11 is also a 2 - a number of peace - and peace will be restored. No need to burn a bridge, as it were...

This month will also be favorable for collaborations of all kinds - including the romantic kind (yeah baby, yeah!) - especially if your Personal Month is also 11 [ this would be true if your Month & Day of birth add up to 9 when reduced to a single digit. For example - if you were born July 2 - 7/2 - your Month & Day of birth add up to 9] . The 11/2 marks the point when the 1 finds a partner - 1+1 = 2.

Here's to wishing you a productive, powerful, and peaceful September 2018! Until next time, I am Miss M - your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist - take care.

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