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December 2018 - Renewal and Reinvention

Hello Maestros! I am Miss M - your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist with your December 2018 Numerology check-in!

This month of December 2018 is a "5" Universal Month and that means we are in the midst of change! This time - the change is sooooooooo good! It’s going to be a little wampy at the start here but hang on - the changes are all about going to the next level.

This 5 month is about waking up to the fact that the duality which this “11” Universal year demonstrated - in its displays of incredible light and incredible darkness, the seismic push/pull of divisiveness - has ultimately let us know that we are really a soul in a body and that soul is the driver.

The energies of this 11 year stirred our collective souls - making us aware of forces that are so much more than physical. When we really feel that we have power beyond the 3D world - it empowers us. That is what this year has been about - realizing who we are.

When we look to the dashboard of our existence and try to tweak the picture without looking within, we have seen how things can get overwhelming and cloudy. The emotional upheavals without inner reflection can take us further away from clarity. When we look to our Inner Being for our part in the events we experience, we begin to feel how we can renew and reinvent our path.

This 5 Universal Month puts a spotlight on this shift in awareness for everyone. The sense that we are more, can contribute more - can, alone, change and transform us. We can free ourselves from energetic hamster wheels because we know that we can’t ask someone else to make the difference. We are the change.

Deep. Pretty deep.

I wish you all a beautiful month of empowerment and renewal on all levels!

Until next time, I am Miss M - your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic Numerologist - take care!

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