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Miss M like you've never seen her...

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by - it's almost like we're having tea together for real!

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself:

I do a few things that I am very passionate about - which is why I love when my clients are focused on one goal or dream but understand when they have a few projects that fill their heart. I am a Psychic Numerologist, Associate Producer for The Bigger Picture with Timothy Spangler radio show on the Salem Radio Network, and a Songwriter. All these things have been keeping me very busy and filling my life with tremendous joy.

That's what it's about - filling your life with the things that give your life sparkle! When you go for what you want - you don't need to sleep with 3,000 guys or gals to feel valued or get angry at someone because they are not meeting your needs. You meet your needs by following your heart and taking care of yourself.

My numerology readings and coaching are not about telling you when he's going to call. I may do that - but more than that, I'm here to help you feel the life in your life! When someone comes to me broken and then finds their hope again - it makes my world. I am here to help because I have been helped so much. I studied and continue to study with Enlightened Beings that challenge and bless me. When I work - I just take dictation and the powerful energy comes through.

If you are ready to change your life for the better - to really electrify your life - contact me here and tell me what you need from a reading or coaching. We'll set up a time to connect and get the blessings rolling! x

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