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The Core Numbers In Numerology — Part II: Your Birth Day Number — The Skills You Possess

The next core number we will explore is the Birth Day Number. Your Birth Day number is the number of the day you were born unreduced. This number indicates your skills and challenges. Continuing from Part I, let’s turn to Frank Sinatra’s Birth Day Number as an example for the Birth Day Number in action: 12 (from December 12, 1915). The number 12 is the number of the Artist. Those with this birthday number have a great degree of artistic talent — after all, the 12 reduces to a 3 (1+2=3) and 3 is the number of creativity and communication. The 12 is great in social situations and can be quite a charmer but also can be moody and given to excess. How did the 12 birthday number apply to Frank? In many ways — not only was he a brilliant artist, but Frank was a notorious womanizer.

“When Sinatra dies, they’re giving his zipper to the Smithsonian.” — Dean Martin

Was he moody? Given to excess? In his best-selling biography, “Sinatra: Behind The Legend” J. Randy Taraborrelli writes:

“Frank described himself as ‘an 18-carat manic depressive’. He was a bipolar, moody, difficult man who drank heavily, with a sense of entitlement twisted by celebrity.”

Seems pretty accurate…

To learn more about the Birth Day numbers click here and scroll down under Free Services to Birth Day Reading. For Part III of The Core Numbers In Numerology, click here

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My personal number is 7777 - I was born on 7/7/1960 so 777, and I have a name number 7. However, I am not into spirituality as the number 7 is often connected to spirituality and higher learning.

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