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The Core Numbers in Numerology - Part III: The Attitude Number -Our First Impression

The Attitude Number

The next core number we will explore is the Attitude Number — sometimes called the Sun Number. The Attitude Number is a very revealing number that most numerologists — surprisingly — don’t include in the set of core numbers. This omission is confounding to me as the Attitude Number influences every aspect of a person’s life and often determines success in all types of relationships. The Attitude Number indicates the first impression a person makes on others as well as a person’s attitude toward life situations — how they approach/react to problems, solutions, etc. In addition, the Attitude Number points to energetic patterns that an individual has developed during their formative years that either seemed to work well, or were reactions to situations that became deeply ingrained. Sometimes these behaviors can disguise an individual’s true nature.

To calculate the Attitude Number, add your Month and Day of birth and reduce the sum to a single digit — if you come up with a Karmic Number — 13, 14, 16, or 19, or Master Number — 11 or 22, make sure to make a note and then reduce to a single digit. For example, you can write 22/4 or 14/5 next to the Attitude Number.

If the Attitude number isn’t in harmony with the Day of Birth and Life Path numbers, then we may attract people that over time seem to become disillusioned with who we really are or vice versa. This is where Numerology can help us strive to integrate all aspects of ourselves as indicated in our core numbers. In this way, numerology can also help us endeavor to understand others who confuse us as far as what their Life Path or Attitude Number would indicate for them.

Continuing to use Frank Sinatra’s numbers to explain the Core Numbers, let’s look at Frank’s Attitude Number — December 12 = 12(December, 12th month, 1+2 = 3+ Birth Day number 12, 1+2=3) = 3 + 3 = an Attitude Number of 6.

The 6 Attitude has a number of characteristics — one that we will examine here — and a very strong one — is the “Mama’s Boy” phenomenon. When a male has an Attitude Number of 6, he is often a “Mama’s Boy”. For a female — the reading is more general and indicates that family is very important. The Mama’s Boy phenomenon for a male can manifest in a couple of ways: One is that Mother and Son have a brilliant relationship — they are best friends or, at least, have a very strong bond; the other form happens when the Son may have a complicated relationship with the Mother however she exerts an extremely strong influence on his life. When I do readings for men and see the 6, and — depending on other numbers in the chart — mention that the client is a Mama’s Boy, invariably I will hear an outburst of affirmation — “Absolutely!” “My Mom is my best friend.” “No question!” or “Yeahhh…” — with the 1,000 yard stare.

Frank’s relationship with his Mother fell into the complicated camp. Frank’s daughter, Nancy, described the influence Frank’s mother, Dolly, had on Frank:

“They’d fought through his childhood and continued to do so until her dying day. But I believe that to counter her steel will he’d developed his own. To prove her wrong when she belittled his choice of career … Their friction first had shaped him; that, I think, had remained to the end and a litmus test of the grit in his bones. It helped keep him at the top of his game.”

— Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy, on the importance of Frank’s mother, Dolly, on his life and character. — from Sinatra in Hollywood, by Tom Santopietro, (November 11, 2008)St. Martin’s Press. ISBN 978–0–312–36226–3.

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