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Unblocking Energy From A Distance: The Effectiveness Of Remote EFT Tapping For Others

by Miss M

Remote EFT Tapping for others is very effective. In fact, in my practice, I have a 100% success rate with remote EFT and Genesis EFTin that my clients always benefit - sometimes in wonderful, and unexpected ways...

The Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is an acupressure technique developed by Gary Craig that unblocks energy and thereby produces certain results — similar to the way traditional acupressure and acupuncture works. With EFT you can: remove negative emotions, reduce physical symptoms, stimulate creativity, increase motivation, and more. From my experience, EFT is good for an infinite number of scenarios — particularly because, once we clear our energy, our good is free to flow to us — and that good can take as many forms as the myriad number of dreams and goals we may have.

How EFT Works

EFT works with the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture and acupressure to treat physical and emotional issues for over 5,000 years. Instead of using needles like acupuncture or steady pressure like acupressure, EFT employs simple tapping with the fingertips to activate and clear the energy meridians with kinetic energy. The subject thinks about a specific issue — pain, emotional trauma, a goal, etc. — and recites a phrase that addresses and acknowledges the issue while tapping certain points on the body in a sequence. As you tap, you clear the meridian or channel so energy can flow more freely and, ultimately, connect your true desire for health and success with what you manifest on the dashboard of your life.

In-Person EFT vs. Remote EFT

Traditionally, EFT is used by an individual working on their own specific issues - with or without a therapist to guide them. Sometimes therapists will tap on their client during an in-person session instead of having the client tap on themselves. Remote EFT is when the therapist taps on themselves for a client as a surrogate. I have done this while in session with a client but more frequently, while not in session with the client. Remote EFT is effective partly because physical reality — and what is perceived as non-physical reality — consciousness — is non-local. When I focus my intent on helping a client while tapping on myself — I am directing those waves in the quantum field to organize into particles and they reach across time and space — instantly. No matter where the healing takes place, the healing takes place. Intent is the driver — or organizer.

Another reason remote EFT is successful— many times even more successful than real-time in-person EFT— is because the conscious mind can’t interfere. The client often doesn’t know exactly when the remote session is taking place and even if they do, they are not getting wadded up in the process. In dealing with expectations, which can interfere with the therapy, I advise that the process is targeted toward the most effective healing/clearing. While the targeted EFT session will move the energy, the energy will find it's way through the body like water: it goes where there are routes. The tapping clears the meridians — the routes — however, we may get an unexpected positive result because of the energy taking an unexpected route due to both congested and spontaneously cleared meridians. The process always works — however, we may need to do more processes to open up more routes or to clear a congested meridian.

Feedback from Remote EFT & Genesis EFT™ Sessions

Some feedback I’ve received — even after one session of Remote EFT and Genesis EFT - an algorithmic technique that I have developed within EFT — includes: feelings of incredible freedom; the ability to move forward without the weight of past limiting beliefs; a sense of inner strength and clarity — especially when dealing with difficult relationships; greater self-worth; and feelings of confidence and centeredness. Additional benefits that clients have reported include: attracting new opportunities, more vibrant energy, and the healing of longstanding upsetting situations.

Remote EFT & Genesis EFT is certainly welcome in 2020 when so many therapists and practitioners are providing remote services. Remote EFT can even go beyond in-person EFT sessions and is a very helpful tool in healing.

Miss M is a Master Certified EFT/TFT Therapist, Genesis EFT Therapist, & Numerologist. Connect with M on Instagram @MandaravaChurchill, @ and


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